Call for




The 6th annual conference

of the

SouthEast SASâ Users Group



Omni Waterside Hotel

Norfolk, Virginia

September 13 - 15, 1998


Abstract deadline is March 27

Dear Potential SESUG ’98 Participant,

We are looking forward to chairing the 6th annual conference of the SouthEast SAS Users Group in Norfolk, VA. We are striving to make this year’s conference the best you have ever attended. Given the quality of the first five conferences, we have our work cut out for us. We cannot do it alone. WE NEED YOU. SESUG is a voluntary organization and you can help by participating in this year's conference in some capacity. We need speakers, session coordinators, registrar's assistants, Shop Talk volunteers, and more. If you can participate in any way (or think you might be able to), please fill out this Volunteer Form and mail, fax, or email it to one of us. Speaking from experience, we can both assure you that hands-on participation in the conference - in any capacity - makes for a richer experience. We thank you in advance and look forward to working with every one of you.

Your SESUG ’98 co-chairs,

Randy C. Finch           F. Joseph Kelley

Things to look forward to at SESUG ’98 in Norfolk

At the conference…


In the area…

SESUG ’98 Volunteer Form

Name: _______________________________________

Affiliation: _______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________


City: _______________________________________

State: _______________________________________

Zip Code: _______________________________________

Day Phone: _______________________________________

FAX: _______________________________________

Email: _______________________________________


I would like to to be a:

ð Paper Presenter     ð Registrar’s Assistant

ð Shop Talk Volunteer *     ð Session Coordinator

Shop Talk Topic: ___________________________

* A person to help others with their code in the Demo Room

For paper presenters and session

coordinators, choose sections of interest:

ð Advanced Tutorials     ð All in Jest

ð Applications Development     ð Beginning Tutorials

ð Coders Corner     ð Host Systems

ð Information Visualization     ð I-Net Solutions

ð Posters     ð Serendipity

ð Statistics     ð Technology 2000

Please submit the following by March 27 if you want to be a paper presenter:

On a separate sheet of paper:

ð Paper Title (125 characters maximum)

ð Abstract (200 words maximum)

ð Biography (100 words maximum)

ð Keywords (20 words maximum)

Length of presentation (not applicable to All in Jest, Coders Corner, or Posters):

ð 20 minutes ð 50 minutes

Audience level:

ð Beginning ð Intermediate ð Advanced

Audio-Visual needs:

ð Overhead Projector, Quantity: ð 1 ð 2

ð LCD Panel (VGA resolution)

ð 35mm Slide Projector

ð Other _______________________________________

Which days are you willing to host a table at the Meet the Presenters luncheons?

ð Monday ð Tuesday ð Both ð Neither

Are you a full-time student at an accredited degree-granting institution?

ð Yes ð No

Thanks in advance for your willingness to participate in SESUG ’98. With all of us working together, we can have a conference that is beneficial to everyone.

Remember, if you wish to present a paper, this form, an abstract, and other information are due back by March 27. Conference registration information will be mailed in early June 1998.

Send this information to one of the Conference Co-chairs. Contact information is shown below.


F. Joseph Kelley

University of Georgia

UCNS Client Services

Computer Services Annex

Athens, GA 30602-1911

Phone: (706) 542-5359

FAX: (706) 542-0349



Randy C. Finch

Tennessee Valley Authority

CEB-4C-M POB 1010

Reservation Road

Muscle Shoals, AL 35662-1010

Phone: (205) 386-2197

FAX: (205) 386-3799


SESUG ’98 Paper Sections

Beginning Tutorials - presentations that explain to novice SAS users the syntax and use of the many components of the SAS System.

Advanced Tutorials - presentations that explain to experienced SAS users the syntax and use of the many components of the SAS System.

Applications Development - presentations that discuss the processes and tools needed for the development of SAS applications.

Host Systems - presentations that target issues related to a specific platform or operating system.

Information Visualization - presentations that demonstrate how to use the SAS System to prepare and enhance the visual representation of data.

I-Net Solutions - presentations that show how to use the SAS System in conjunction with Intranets, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.

Serendipity - presentations that cover topics that are not specific to any other section.

Statistics - presentations that explain the use of the SAS System, including JMP, for statistics, econometric, operations research, and quality control applications.

Technology 2000 - presentations that discuss version 7 of the SAS System, data warehousing, and programming issues related to the next century.

Coders Corner - short (10-15 minute) presentations covering coding tips, useful algorithms, undocumented features, and more.

All in Jest - short (10 minute) presentations that contain no serious content. These papers will be presented just before the closing session to provide some comic relief after two days of serious SAS papers.

Posters - visual presentations without the lecture. Topics are virtually unlimited. Poster presenters are expected to be available at their posters for a designated period during the conference to answer questions.

In addition to the above paper sections, the following activities will also be available at SESUG ’98:

PC Hands-On Workshops          Shop Talk (get help with code)

Sunday Workshops (extra cost)          SAS Demo Room

Meet-the-Presenters Luncheons          Formal On-line Demos

Reception & Mixer          Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions