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Triangle Biostatistics was founded in April 2010 to provide statistical consulting and statistical programming services to the pharmaceutical industry. Triangle Biostatistics has experience working with large and small contract research organizations and large, mid-size, and small pharmaceutical companies.

With extensive experience in all phases of drug development and numerous regulatory submissions across various indications, Triangle Biostatistics is positioned to provide strong statistical consulting and programming support utilizing sound scientific reasoning and the latest computing technology. In addition, we are now offering our services as a Functional Service Provider utilizing our network of experienced Statisticians, SAS programmers, and Data Managers.



SAS® users and organizations around the world use Metacoda Plug-ins to maintain a secure SAS platform through efficient and productive metadata management.  Our software helps SAS platform administrators to regularly manage, review, troubleshoot, document, test and audit their SAS platform installation with confidence.  Based in Brisbane, Australia, we are all about helping organizations to easily understand, explore and report on their SAS metadata.  We help keep your SAS platform secure through effective metadata administration. Visit us at www.metacoda.com.

















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