Academic Sections

  Application Development

Ed Heaton, Rockville MD
Erik Larsen, Independent Consultant, Charleston SC

The Applications Development section offers a wide array of topics which spans topics such as SAS macros design, maximizing performance and data cleaning.  This outstanding collection of papers features industry-specific solutions in the areas of drug development, predictive modeling, customer retention and healthcare insurance.  These presentations provide solutions to common issues that occur in different workplaces.

Authors from different industries will give a step-by-step approach to in-database processing techniques of building a data warehouse for decision support.  Get the low-down on an XML-based solution for data transfer from the author of the %xmlPort2() macro.  Learn practical uses for direct memory manipulation from the early promoter of SAS hash techniques.  A case study of performance tuning will also be presented.


  Code Clinic

Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting

Are you feeling puzzled or perplexed about your SAS Code?  Does your SAS process run great except for one trouble spot that you can't figure out?  Would your SAS task benefit from an expert's opinion?  The Code Doctors can identify the symptoms, diagnose the problems, and prescribe the treatments!

This unique section provides SAS users the opportunity to bring their problematic SAS code and SAS processes for a one-on-one consultation with experts from the SAS user community!  The Code Doctors staffing the clinic have expertise in syntax, best-practices, and concepts across a broad range of SAS topics including Base SAS, Macros, Report Writing, ODS, SQL, SAS Enterprise Guide®, Statistics, and more.

Be sure to bring a hard copy and/or electronic file with your code, processes, and/or logs for the Code Doctor to examine the symptoms, diagnose the problems, and suggest the remedies.  You will enjoy and benefit from the personalized learning experience.


  Coders' Corner

Milorad Stojanovic, RTI International, RTP NC
Mirjana Stojanovic, Duke University Medical Center, Durham NC

Got 10 minutes?  Coders’ Corner contains brief 10 minute presentations containing helpful hints in SAS.  Come learn new tips and techniques on how to apply SAS in your work.  These could be just what you have been looking for to solve some problems back at the office.


  Foundations and Fundamentals

Claudine Lougee, Dualenic, LLC , Glen Allen VA
Steve Sanders, Regions Bank, Birmingham AL

This section provides an overview and introduction of basic skills and concepts to assist any SAS programmer with various tools and topics.  It will also offer learning opportunities for the next generation of SAS users, as well as some best practice advice which may appeal to the more experienced programmer.


  Hands-on Workshops

Andy Kuligowski, Oldsmar FL
Ilene Brill, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham AL

Do you want to learn how to use a SAS procedure, module or concept via a step-by-step approach?  Do you prefer your learning to be done via a combination of lecture and visual aids coupled with actual interactive examples?  In short, do you prefer to learn by doing?

If you have these preferences and a SAS topic you wish to learn about, we encourage you to attend one or more Hands-On Workshops.  HOW sessions are seventy-five minutes long, and consist of guided learning together with hands-on activities by participants throughout the session.  The room will be equipped with PCs and will accommodate 2 attendees per machine.



Joe Kelley, University of Georgia, Athens GA
Diane Cunningham, Southern Company, Atlanta GA

Posters will present current practical and theoretical achievements in a more graphical way.  The use of images, colors and tables are used to emphasize ideas in a creative and visually entertaining manner.  Posters are on display throughout the entire conference, allowing people to review the ideas in a quiet, self-paced environment.  Don't forget to visit during the one hour "Meet the Poster Presenters" on Monday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm to meet the poster authors in a relaxed one-on-one setting.


  Reporting and Information Visualization

David Maddox, Regions Bank, Birmingham AL
Angela Hall, Zencos Consulting, Cary NC

Three major topic areas are included within the Reporting and Information Visualization Section:

  1. Moving SAS output to Excel via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
  2. Integrating SAS with Google Earth technology to develop custom maps
  3. Developing customized reports via the Output Delivery System
Also, attendees will discover an overview of the SAS Business Intelligence suite presented with a case study in the Health Care Industry.


  Simple but Clever

Gary Schlegelmilch, Dept of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Washington DC
Dianne Piaskoski, Chinook Consulting Ltd., Richmond Hill Ontario

Sometimes the most elegant solutions can be quite simple.  Sometimes what seems to be a rather simple problem requires a very clever solution.  This section is about making one’s SAS® life simpler.  Topics may include, but are not limited to: efficient data design, setting up your environment options for better productivity, replacing code with SAS 9 functions, automating a process when it requires UNIX and db2 commands, or even using editing techniques that reduce coding time.  If you ever wondered how to do something a little better, a little smarter - or wondered if it can be done at all - come spend some time with some great presenters, and some Simple But Clever solutions!


  Statistics and Data Analysis

Venita DePuy Bowden, INC Research, Raleigh NC
Ruth Whitworth, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro GA

All MIXED up about REGression?  Hoping to see ANOVA paper about analyses?  Want to feel emPOWERed and learn to think outside of the BOX(PLOT)?  For some mental CALISthenics, check out the Statistics and Data Analysis section!  We’ll have a variety of presentations, to fit every background and knowledge level.  Join us to learn about everything from survival analysis to meta-analysis, from repeated measures to graphical data presentation.  We look forward to seeing you there!


  Conference Workshops

Debbie Buck, D. B. & P. Associates, Houston TX
Stephanie Thompson, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops offer the bonus of an additional educational experience to SESUG Conference attendees.  We have talented, recognized, and experienced instructors prepared to share quality knowledge in a series of half day sessions.  SESUG is scheduling six workshops for Sunday, October 25, 2009 and two workshops for the afternoon of Tuesday, October 27.  Covering a wide variety of topics and levels, these 4-hour workshops will appeal to everyone interested in exceptional in-depth training.


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