Conference Schedule
 Sunday, October 25  8 AM-noon   Pre-Conference Morning Workshops 
  11 AM-4:30 PM   Collaboration Cafe  
   12:30-5:30 PM   Registration Open  
  12:30-5:30 PM   Speaker Rehearsal Room  
  1-5 PM   Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshops 
  3:30 PM  First-Timers Session
  3:30-5:30 PM  SAS Demo Room
  4:30 PM   Volunteer and Session Coordinator Meeting
  6 PM  Opening Session
  7 PM  Buffet Dinner and Reception
 Monday, October 26  7 AM   Breakfast
  6:30 AM-6 PM   Collaboration Cafe  
  7:30 AM-noon   Registration Open  
   8 AM-noon   Concurrent Sessions and Poster Cafe 
  9 AM-noon  SAS Demo Room
  noon  Deli Lunch Buffet
  1-5:30 PM   Registration Open  
   1-5 PM   Concurrent Sessions and Poster Cafe 
  1-6 PM  SAS Demo Room
   3:30-4:30 PM   Meet the Poster Presenters
  6-7:30 PM  Silent Auction
  6 PM  Dinner Buffet
  6-11 PM  SAS Appreciation Mixer/SAS Games/Dance
 Tuesday, October 27  6:30 AM-6 PM   Collaboration Cafe  
  7 AM   Breakfast Buffet
  8-10 AM   Registration Open  
  8-11 AM  SAS Demo Room
   8 AM-noon   Concurrent Sessions and Poster Cafe 
  noon   Closing Session  
  1-5 PM   Post-Conference Afternoon Workshops 
  2-5 PM   SAS Certification Testing 


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